April 8, 2016

Credits launches beta of blockchain PaaS

Credits, the blockchain platform provider, has launched the public beta test version of their new Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

by Ian Allison for the International Business Times

Nick Williamson and Eric Benz and the team have been driving innovative blockchain projects from outside the box, such as a KYC system for the Isle of Man. This was the first government blockchain project of its kind and is a benchmark for the industry.

Credits' PaaS beta version is fully functional, allowing early adopters to use the full range of development tools and capabilities for free to create their own blockchain applications, said a statement.

Nick Williamson, Founder and CEO of Credits said "We've been working really hard on some really cool projects over the past two years with our clients and partners, and now we're publicly releasing our platform for the first time for people to build upon.

"We have continuously incorporated learnings from these projects into our core platform, and we're really proud of what we've managed to fold back into our offering based on what we've seen in these real-world use cases.

"Time and again, we have seen identity as being a fundamental component of these counterparty-based services, and that has heavily strengthened our conviction that blockchain is fundamentally best used when geared toward injecting trust and accountability into modern services, rather than trying to remove trust altogether.

"Having spent so much time directing the focus from those learnings into bolstering the strength of our platform, we have now spent the past several months packaging it up so developers all over the world can access and build upon our technology to build trusted, identity-driven services.

Credits' PaaS is specifically designed for developers allowing them to launch a 'Blockchain in 3-steps', without the need to learn a new programming language. Any developer with basic coding skills will immediately be able to start creating their own robust blockchains. We are opening up our beta version to the public because there is no better way to test and prove performance than to have the platform used in real life situations."