Credits Blockchain-as-a-Service

Secure Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service, built for UK public sector

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The Credits Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) is now available on the GDS Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud 8 framework agreement for use in secure UK public sector cloud-hosted projects. The Credits framework and tooling software is also available for on-premise deployment.

The Cabinet Office’s Digital Marketplace is the official platform for buyers from UK Government departments, non-departmental public bodies, executive agencies and organisations across the whole UK public sector including health, local government, education, the devolved administrations, emergency services and not-for-profits  to purchase cloud and digital specialist services.

The Credits BaaS will enable UK public sector bodies and their solution and managed service providers to build and deploy secure, enterprise-grade and interoperable Distributed Ledger Technology services.

Blockchains are the cornerstone of distributed ledgers, a modern database technology that provides a complete history of financial and non-financial transactions. They provide a secure permanent record that cannot be manipulated by a single entity and do not require a central registry.

Why Credits for Public Sector?

Credits BaaS is highly suited to government and public sector applications, because it:

  • Places security at its core. Our systems adhere to the highest levels of security to ensure that your data and transactions are safe and secure at all times.
  • Enables government departments to build and deploy customised blockchain services to a cloud-hosted offering in a secure, scalable and flexible manner. The Credits BaaS has been built from the ground up to be scalable, compatible with legacy technology and easily extensible.
  • Is completely interoperable. This means that services you build on the Credits blockchain can work alongside other blockchains irrespective of whether or not they are built on our platform, as well as legacy systems This will enable public sector entities to leverage existing systems, while future-proofing their applications rather than spending huge sums of capital and resources on technology upgrades over time.
  • Is enterprise-ready, being capable of handling high transactional volumes at near-real time speed. By supporting public sector transactions in such a way, the Credits can help bring efficiencies and scalability to public sector bodies.  
  • Has been utilised in government applications, such as the government of the Isle of Man, which utilised our protocol to launch a custom registry on a blockchain.

Blockchain in the public sector

Blockchain technology provides significant opportunities for the public sector because it:

  • Can enhance the delivery of their services. Automation, immutability and near-real time reporting can eliminate manual processes, particularly in areas where proof of identify or management are required.
  • Can help public sector organisations realise efficiencies in the delivery of services thereby enabling them to reap cost savings. Industry experts predict that adoption of blockchain technology could save billions through the negation of manual intervention and paper-driven processes.
  • Creates unalterable data held securely, and protected through rigorous cryptography. This could reduce the risk of fraud being perpetrated against public sector bodies.
  • Is wholly transparent, with data that can be viewed through permissioned or un-permissioned access.  This easy-to-access and streamlined transparency will give public sector bodies a holistic view of data and information.

Explore how the Credits blockchain as a service can be used to enhance public sector services:

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