August 2, 2016

Blockchain businesses embark on world-changing projects

One company hoping to take advantage of this enthusiasm is Credits, led by CEO Nick Williamson. Credits has just been accepted on to the G-Cloud, a digital marketplace that vets SMEs that want to bid for government contracts. Now all government departments can start using its digital ledger platform.
“Our service allows people to create and launch their own blockchains,” says Williamson. “You do need to be a developer, but you don’t need to be a blockchain developer in order to build a Credits blockchain. We provide a robust framework that allows developers to develop and deploy blockchains with only a few dozen lines of code, rather than hundreds.”
Williamson says that any organisation that needs to verify identity, be it public or private sector, should see the potential of the blockchain ledgers. “If I need to check if you are over 18 and live in the UK then you can text me a token, which I can check, and it will show me that the UK passport office can certify that you are those two things,” he explains.

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