DLT & Identity Workshop

December 8, 2015
10:43 am
10:43 am
Canary Wharf, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London E14, UK

Level39 and the World Economic Forum are proud to present this upcoming workshop. Level39 are putting forward some of their members to participate and engage in this conversation around distributed ledger technology.


Rapidly advancing technologies, evolving customer expectations and a changing regulatory landscape are opening doors to disruptive innovation in financial services.

From mobile payments to peer-to-peer lending, fintech innovations have become a frequently discussed topic in recent years. Two innovations in particular, Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Identity, have emerged as a top priority for exploration by the financial services industry.

How might these innovations change the way that the industry operates? What are the most valuable implementations of these innovation? What would it take to drive meaningful collaboration and action against these opportunities?

Prepared in collaboration with a leading fintech incubator, Level39, this workshop will be a critical milestone for a multi-year World Economic Forum project aimed at building understanding of these questions and drive action around these topics.

At this workshop we will:

* Bring senior leaders of incumbent financial institutions, fintech companies and subject matter experts together to discuss the possible applications of Digital Identity and Distributed Ledger Technology in financial services

* Explore critical conditions and key next steps for successful implementation of these innovations

The output of this workshop will be a key input into the private session on this topic at the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Annual General Meeting at Davos.

Registration for this event is closed.




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