The Bitcoin & Blockchain Leadership Forum

September 28, 2015
10:00 am
6:00 pm
Central London
Central London

Siân Jones, Credits Chief of Staff will be speaking at The Bitcoin & Blockchain Leadership Forum.

The purpose of The Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum is to act as a key global innovation lab to enhance your understanding of the possibilities and challenges presented by Bitcoin and Blockchain.

We will monitor and share key Blockchain developments and provide access to interactive knowledge-sharing meetings; hackathons; and developer initiatives.

We are exploring the impact Blockchain will have for money and payments and how many other kinds of assets beyond currency can be transferred using the blockchain.

The Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum has been set up by the founders of The Digital and Social Media Leadership Forum and is bringing together large organisations and leading edge bitcoin and blockchain start ups; VCs; academics; analysts; commentators; freelance developers and thought-leading authors.




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