Christian Papathanasiou


Christian works as a Principal Consultant for a Financial Software House based in London. Previously he was a Senior Vice President for Citigroup Global Markets where he co-lead the Investment Banking application threat modelling programme.Christian was the co-creator and co-organiser of AthCon -the largest IT Security conference in Athens, Greece AthCon was organised for 4 successive years and attracted large corporate sponsors such as Microsoft and Symantec.

Christian's research has been featured by many news organisations such as Forbes, Reuters, Slashdot, Tech Herald, Computerworld, ZDNet, CSO Magazine, Dark Reading, Threatpost, CNET and others.Christian has presented to public audiences at thought-leading conferences such as Black Hat and DEF CON including a keynote at OWASP AppSec Research 2012 and private audiences such as the Met Police and FBI. 

Christian sits on the pioneering board of the trust Top-Level Domain (TLD) trust will provide Internet users with the confidence to go about their business in the safest online neighbourhood via three core principles: verify, secure and enforce.

For OWASP, Christian was a member of the Global Industry Advisory Board, a contributor to the OWASP Mobile Security project and a contributing author of the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Controls/European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA) Smartphone Secure Development Guidelines for App Developers.

Christian graduated from the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway with a MSc with Distinction in Information Security where he pioneered Linux kernel networking techniques to achieve multi GB/s layer 7 threat detection within Intrusion Protection Systems. 

Linux, C, Python, embedded kernel module programming, Android, FirefoxOS, x86 assembly, Unix (AIX, Solaris) bash, ksh, tcp/ip, udp, xml, json, high throughput messaging, kernel bypass, big data, data mining, natural language processing.. jQuery, web sockets etc..



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