Identity & KYC

May 26, 2016
9:00 pm
6:00 pm
The Hatton,
51-53 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8HN

Credits Chairman Michael King and Founder and CEO Nick Williamson will be speaking on panels at this Identity and KYC conference.

Innovations in ID Verification, KYC Compliance, Client Onboarding & AML Monitoring

Traditional methods of identity verification are contributing to lengthy and expensive KYC and onboarding processes. Technological advances, regulatory requirements and business necessity are leading organisations to a point where they have to rethink the way identity works.

With so many financial services institutions embracing digital, the big challenge is bringing together information about each client, from multiple systems, to create one accurate client identity. Achieving this, while demonstrating robust and compliant KYC capabilities, is causing costs to spiral.

ECN’s Identity & KYC conference will translate current thinking about managing identity into specific business use cases, and will explore how you can turn this regulatory compliance issue into a real business opportunity. It will also provide a unique forum for senior-level executives to establish a coordinated, industry-wide response to today’s challenges of identity and KYC.Why attend?

  • Uncover innovative identity verification techniques that will keep pace with evolving regulation
  • Understand the scope of blockchain to improve the way digital information is captured and used
  • Provide a user-friendly KYC and onboarding experience for your clients
  • Learn how fintech propositions could solve today’s most pressing identity and KYC issues
  • Discuss the potential for data sharing solutions to be applied between organisations
  • Hear how different sectors’ approach to identity and KYC can be interlinked to find a common standard 

9:50am     The Future Of Identity Verification

  • Latest advances in the field of identity verification and management for individuals, corporations, issuers and institutional investors
  • Building online identities that are suitable for specific transactions
  • Using social networks as a mechanism for identifying people
  • How new technologies, like public key cryptography, can reduce oversharing of personally identifying information, fraud and identity theft, compared to traditional internet-based verification methods
  • What direction the leading fintech companies are taking in the identity space


Alon Zadka, Senior Manager, Innovation Lead, Lloyds Bank

Michael King, ChairmanCredits

Gene Vayngrib, CEO & Co-FounderTradle

Dr Rachel O'Connell, Founder & CEO, Trust Elevate

12:10pm      How Blockchain Could Support Online Identity

  • Analysing the scope of blockchain to solve the identity problem reliably and efficiently across institutions
  • How blockchain could allow organisations to change the way digital information is captured and used
  • What KYC, AML and compliance problems the blockchain can solve today
  • Examining the challenges of using blockchain to support online identity
  • Is a permission-based blockchain a complete solution for self-ownership and self-delivery of personal data on a need-to-know basis; or is it just part of a wider solution?
  • Blockchain vs. non-blockchain solutions to managing identity and KYC

Panellists:Paul Yardley, Innovation ManagerUBS

Steve Pannifer, Director, Chief Operations Officer

Consult HyperionNick Williamson, CEO & Co-Founder

CreditsTomasz Mloduchowski, Technical DirectorEntiq

Pascal Bouvier, Venture Partner, Santander InnoVentures




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