The inaugural Agentic UK event

July 25, 2016
6:00 pm
10:00 pm
London Stock Exchange
10 Paternoster Row, London, EC4M 7LS
Rise of the Meta-Assets: Global Value Creation, Blockchains, & Brexit
The inaugural Agentic UK event will take place at the London Stock Exchange on July 25th, 2016 @ 5pm-9pm (1700h - 2100h)
Agentic Group LLC is a Global membership-based consortium of corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, investors and entrepreneurs, providing insight, consultation and development within the emerging meta-asset and blockchain ecosystem -- (The Internet of Value).
Opening Address By:
Murad Baig - FinTech & Disruptive Technology Lead @ Deloitte UK
Panel Discussion:
Meta (Digital) Assets, Financial Regulation, and Blockchains. Opportunities in light of rapid social and political change. 
There are over 1,000 digital currencies in the world, representing the first awakenings of a world of new value — and it is only the beginning.
While only a very few of these “Meta-Assets” hold real value, there is a growing movement towards the development of new asset classes created through tokenized blockchains. These securitized and monetized tokens are poised to create many trillions in new value across a wide variety of business sectors including supply chain, energy, logistics, real estate, loyalty/rewards and even traditional stores of value such as gold and diamonds. 
Join a select panel of blockchain innovators as Agentic Group explores and dissects some of these new “Meta-Assets”, and how they can be developed and used to fuel a new world of innovation and global wealth creation on a scale never before seen in human history... and how that might affect the Brexit now and in the future.



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