Blockchain Week London 2017

January 23, 2017
11:00 pm
11:45 pm
Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
45 Prescot Street, London, United Kingdom

The original Blockchain Conference is back. We launched the first Blockchain Conference in 2015, since then we have taken the event to New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco and many other cities. The 3rd Annual Blockchain London Conference will take place during London Blockchain Week. This year, the event will span 2 day. The first day will lean slightly towards Public Blockchain, while the second day will focus more on Blockchain/DLT in hybrid and public ledgers.

11:15 AM – 11:45 AM The crucial role of Blockchain in (local) governments and various industries: During today’s seminar we’ll provide unique insight in what the Blockchain technology is and how it can be used in various different industries. Existing business models are being disrupted and new ones are being created. As technology around us is changing with an unprecedented speed and in order to stay relevant during the digital disruption we need to change the way how we think and how we work. Blockchain has the potential being one of the major enablers to disrupt all industries. On stage Michael and John are talking about real life examples levering the Blockchain.

-Michael Reh – CEO, Tymlez (Germany)-John Verwaayen - General Manager, Magic Software Benelux (Netherlands)-Tom Wilkinson – Senior Data Scientist, UK -Government Home Office (UK)-Nick Williamson, Co-founder & CEO CREDITS




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